Friday, 30 November 2012

Mango Chutney

A couple of weeks ago,Chennai had to face the lashings of mother nature in all its glory courtesy "Nilam" the storm... the sound and fury was much more than an actual downpour...nevertheless it brought along with it four mangoes from my tree,a treasure indeed considering its not the season for it and i never knew they had existed in the first place...I used two for a dhall,and one for a fish curry,the remaining one, I had to use for a mango chutney my mother in law taught me...its easy and simple to make often eaten with plain hot rice....

All you need are:
1 large mango skinned and grated fine
Equal amount of coconut grated fine
2 tbs of whole coriander
1 tbs of cumin seeds
8 whole hot red chillies
1 pod of garlic peeled
1 inch piece of fresh ginger cleaned and skinned and chopped
A pinch of asafetida
1 tbs of Bengal gram dhall
1 tbs of Black gram dhall
A few sprigs of curry leaves
1 heaped tsp of jaggery powder 
salt to taste

Method :
In a pan add a tsp of oil and saute all the ingredients except the mango,coconut,jaggery and salt...Saute well to a golden brown..Remove,cool and add all the ingredients together and grind to a coarse paste...check for salt and serve with hot rice and ample servings of clarified butter/ghee...

A few tips...add some water to the jaggery and soak, mix well and add it to the mango/coconut when your grinding...

Remember the spice/salt quotient can be adjusted to individual tastes though i find you can add extra spice to this chutney as the sourness of the mango and the sweetness of the coconut balances it out...Add equal amount of grated coconut without the hard brown skin...This chutney can be refrigerated and kept for many days...can be used as a sandwich spread too....

Nilams fury was not in vain (yes that's what the storm was named)  got to make this delicious chutney and shared it too...

Please share your food and always serve with love and kindness.....

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