Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Pahaadi Ghosth (Mountain Meat)

Hello  everyone,it's been so long since I posted a recipe for all you lovely people !!!
My apologies to you all !! Without further adieu here's one your going to love !!!

I really don't know why and how this name came about,but I'm just assuming that shepherds developed a recipe to sustain over long hauls of herding their sheep. Well we have been calling this pahaadi ghosth since I can remember !! It's pretty easy to make and most of the ingredients I'm sure are already there in your kitchen ,but there's an important cut to the meat.

The finest meat is often chosen,most certainly from the shoulder or leg and it's sliced thinly into large strips.Fat or muscle,or the sinews of muscle are often removed,but personally,I would like to keep some fat on. Meat without fat dries out during the process of grilling,so my advice would be,do retain some fat !!! Also the sizzling sounds this one makes is sure to get anyone salivating!!

Get your butcher to slice it as thinly as possible,pat it with a damp towel and set aside .

1 kg Mutton sliced as above,lay it flat on cutting board and pound slightly,till flat and thin.
1/2 cup yogurt beaten smooth
2 tbsp raw papaya paste or 2 tbsp kachri powder
Juice of 2 lemon
Sesame seeds 3 tbsp
Butter for basting
Garlic crushed fine 1 tbsp
Ginger crushed fine 2 tbsp
Grind together the following
1 small onion
2 tbsp Kashmiri chillie powder
2 tsp whole Zeera or cumin seeds
4-5 green chillies
Mace (Javithri) a big pinch or 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder 1 tsp
Salt to taste

Drain Meat well and apply lemon juice,papaya paste and the crushed ginger and garlic.
Allow it to marinate for an hour.
Mix the ground masala in the yogurt and massage it well into the meat. I mean really well.Cover and place in the fridge for a minimum of 6 hours,but not more that 12.

Fire up your grill and roast it turning occasionally!! Alternatively you can shallow fry this in a pan too.
Garnish with sesame seeds and serve hot with rotis,naans etc....

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