Saturday 15 September 2012

chutney for idli or dosa

My family always craves for different types of chutneys to go with the normal idli and dosa for breakfast...though the coconut chutney is an all time favourite,this chutney has and will always remain one of our constant companions for breakfast,its easy to make and delicious...
5-6 juicy red tomatoes,sliced thin
2 green chillies minced
1 tsp of cumin seeds
1 tsp of white sesame seeds
a small handful of roasted peanuts
a small ball of tamarind cleaned and stones removed
1 tsp jaggery
salt to taste...
In a heavy bottom vessel,add a tsp of oil and roast the cumin and green chilli till the colour the same pan add the sesame seeds and peanuts or groundnuts and fry on a s low fire for some time ,till a lovely aroma emanates,do not over fry...please remember to fry all on a slow fire,now remove and set the same pan add the sliced tomatoes and fry till all the water evaporates...add the tamarind,jaggery and salt..switch off stove and shut the vessel with a lid till it cools grind the cumin,green chilli,along with the sesame seeds and ground nuts adding very little water as possible...finally add the tomato mixture and grind to a coarse textured chutney...the chille ,salt,tamarind and jaggery can be adjusted to each ones individual preference...enjoy this chutney...i do....serve with love and kindness

this is how it looks before grinding it....

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