Thursday, 13 September 2012

sweet potato kheer

The best part about making this kheer is that there's nothing left over,you dont even need to search for a container to put it in the fridge...If you dont have sweet potato you can substitute with the ordinary potato as well...Its simple to make and sort of ready in a jiffy....
1 large sweet potato,peeled and cut into small pieces
4 cups of thick milk..the creamy kind
1 cup of sugar or to taste...i find it sufficient,but those would like to change the proportion please do so
1 tsp rose water
4 tbs thick cream
2 small green cardamom lightly crushed
Take a heavy bottom vessel or alternately you can make this in a cooker,see that the vessel is clean,you need to boil the milk with the potato, cardamom, and sugar,place on heat and cook till its a mushy paste ,stirring constantly...or you can put it together in a pressure cooker and cook for ten minutes approximately,check if potatoes are done,mash them well with a wooden spoon till its blended and smooth...remember this sweet thickens when cool so keep it slightly liquid ...Remove from fire, cool add the rose water and cream mixing well.. Refrigerate for a while and if possible serve in  mud pots....this can be eaten with rotis and parathas too....serve with love and kindness

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